Wholesale Chicken Drumstick Supplier

– (HALAL hand slaughter Chicken griller by Islamic tradition.)
– well cleaned and fresh
– no bruise
– no broken bones (less than 0%)
– no black flaw
– no amount of moisture (less than 3%)


Wholesale Chicken Drumstick Producer and Exporter

Chicken drumsticks without the inner fillet. Our HALAL Chicken Drumstick without Inner Fillet is produced in ISO-certified production facilities. Chicken is an excellent addition to every diet.

Chicken Drumsticks, your dedicated producer, supplier and exporter. Sourced from trusted farms, our drumsticks are a testament to quality and taste, meticulously inspected to ensure optimal freshness and tenderness. As both a local supplier and international exporter, we take pride in delivering these succulent delights to kitchens around the world. Quick-frozen using advanced techniques, our drumsticks preserve their natural flavors, making them a versatile addition to various cuisines. Whether you’re a restaurant aiming to impress local patrons or an international business seeking top-quality poultry, our commitment to excellence makes us the go-to choice. Elevate your culinary creations with our Premium Chicken Drumsticks – a global culinary experience awaits. Contact us today to indulge in the unmatched convenience and quality our export-grade drumsticks bring to your kitchen.


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